Why Choose Us?

That’s a fair question seeing as there are many qualified pet hospitals to pick from. However, our home possesses something that other offices have yet to offer: A family. Once you walk through our doors you are adopted, whether you like it or not. Dr. Earl, our intelligent and caring physician, makes sure of this. Having you allow us to care for your loved one(s) instills a lasting relationship between your pet(s), you and our whole Lido Team. Many of you have been with us for years and some of you are merely pondering a first visit to our hospital. To those we have had the pleasure of taking care of for a long time, thank you. Thank you for sticking with us and accepting us into you and your pet’s life. We genuinely care about you. For those who have not come to our hospital yet, make an appointment! We love to meet new people and can’t promise that we won’t become emotionally invested in your guys’ lives.

*As soon as you meet them, you will see how Dr. Earl and his team easily create a friendly and loving environment that you and your pet will appreciate. Instead of going to the “vet”, you are taking a trip to see: Dr. Earl, Suzy, Erin, Dan, Nick, and Laura, who are just a few family members that would love to see how you and your companion are doing.

At Lido Animal Hospital, we only want what is best for our family.

The Lido Team

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